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Wall - Mount Rack

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Floor - Standing Network Cbinet

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Open Rack

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Security Cameras

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Intercom Systems

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Necessary accessories and parts for network cabinet rack.

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At Beijing Finen, we offer over 150 network cabinets models. OEM & ODM are accepted! Request a free quote from us today!
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Our Branches Across the World

With offices and warehouses spread across various regions, FINEN ensures a reliable supply of network cabinets and server racks globally. Our strategic locations foster trust, enabling quicker deliveries and immediate support. No matter where you are, Finen ensures a seamless customer experience for you.

FINEN's Top Machines

FINEN’s investment in top-tier machinery like Automatic Bending Machines, 600meters Automatic Spraying Line, German TRUMPF Laser Cutting Machine, and TRUMPF Punch Equipment, alongside 8+ modern automated production lines, significantly elevates our production efficiency, product quality, and cost-effectiveness. This technological edge not only ensures superior network cabinets and server racks but also translates to competitive pricing and value, making FINEN an attractive choice for discerning customers.

Electrical, Data Center, Electrical Cabinet

Proven Quality by Customers & Certifications

Trusted by large enterprises and governments from Home and abroad, and the 2008 Olympics.​

Customer Satisfaction

 At FINEN, our manufacturing hubs tirelessly deliver premium network cabinets and server racks, tailored to client specifications. Our 8+ modern automated lines and high-precision machinery like the German TRUMPF Laser Cutting Machine ensure timely, quality deliveries. Our skilled technicians are committed to adhering to scheduled timelines, embodying our efficient production chain. We pride ourselves on meeting, often exceeding, client expectations. Our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and honoring delivery timeframes showcases our understanding of time’s essence.


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Wall Mount Server Cabinets:

U Range: 4U ~ 18U,

Size: 600*450mm, 600*600mm;

Loading Capacity: 60KG

Floor Standing Network Cabinet:

U Range: 9U ~ 60U

Size: 600*600mm, 600*800mm,600*1000mm, 800*800mm, 800*1000mm;

Loading Capacity: up to 2000K

Yes, we can manufacture custom size racks and cabinets. 

Pleas contact our sales team for details.

Yes, OEM and ODM orders are accepted. 

Please contact us and we also have policy to keep your design for your brand.

The choice is yours! Opt for flat pack cabinets to save space and increase container load quantity, or choose well-assembled network cabinets to save on set-up labor costs, but at a higher shipping cost.

Absolutely! Inspect personally or through a third-party testing agent. If inspection isn’t feasible, we’ll provide a factory quality testing report pre-shipment. 

Free samples are available under two conditions:

  1. We provide a free sample, and you just need to pay for the shipping costs.
  2. Pay for the sample and shipping upfront; costs will be refunded on your bulk order placement. If the sample has a quality defect, a full refund is provided.

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